About LiveWELLRun

We are a Virtual Fitness Team RUN by our commitment to live fit and well, not by excuses!

It’s what we do and how we train! đŸ”„

This is our foundation in all areas of life. 

My mission is to inspire all to live fit and well through coaching on private online social platforms.

Through LiveWELLRun, LLC  I provide customizable fitness/run training plans, live exercise classes and nutritional guidance virtually to team members nationwide.

IMG_5926About Alysha Flynn, Strength and Conditioning Coach:

She is the creator of LiveWELLRun’s Challenge Training Program and Virtual Fitness Team. Alysha earned a bachelors degree in Health Science from The State University of New York at Buffalo where she focused her studies on exercise science, nutrition, psychology and wellness. She went on to earn a Masters in Business Administration and Health Management from Eastern University. With her passion for fitness and decade of training experience, she helped true beginners to collegiate athletes achieve their training goals. She’s excited to help others develop a healthy long-term mindset and achieve their goals too!


Our team culture provides a supportive virtual environment to improve fitness motivation, build confidence in members and create meaningful connections.

This allows us to tap into the hidden potential of all members and bring out the best in their abilities!


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